Keeping You Protected! 9 out of 10 Restaurant Fires start in the kitchen. That’s why, at ACE Hood Cleaning, we provide all the necessary services, implement state of the art tools and employ cutting edge technologies for the express purpose of keeping your building and your work environment safe. You can always count on receiving more value for your dollar with ACE. Select a service

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Ace Hood Cleaning provided a wonderful experience for one of the most important aspects of properly operating our restaurant. Very thorough and very professional. They clearly outlined everything they were going to do and delivered on all items. I would highly recommend their first class service to anyone.
Owner | The Gnarley Dawg
Phenomenal job! The very definition of dedication. We called on Friday to schedule a cleaning. They arrived at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday and did not leave until 1:00am! The work was wonderful!
Tyler Lorance
General Manager | Saddlebrooke
The overall quality of the service is very good and they are very considerate of our property! They are very easy to do business with and compared to other service companies we have dealt with, ACE ranks up towards the top. They are just really easy to do business with and we will continue to do that. The only thing I can think of that could make the service any better is if it was free! 🙂
Gary Owsley
Operations Manager | Laclede Electric

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