Congratulations. You have just happened to find the premier kitchen exhaust cleaning company that offers excellence at an affordable price!


Simply put, “World Class Services + Down Home Prices = A Big Smile On Your Face.”

Question: What is the most dangerous place in a restaurant?

Answer: The kitchen.

Would it surprise you if you found out that research has shown that 9 times out of 10, when a restaurant has a devastating fire, it began in the kitchen.

That is an incredible number.


And it can be incredibly scary, especially if you aren’t being kept protected by a properly trained, qualified, and certified company, as the national fire code requires.

That’s why, at ACE Hood Cleaning, we provide all the neccesaray services, implement state of the art tools and employ cutting edge technologies for the express purpose of keeping your building and your work environment safe.


And we do it all for of the most competitive prices in the industry.

Which means that you always receive more value for your dollar with ACE.

So what other services do we offer to keep you safe and protected?

    • Rooftop Grease Maintenance Solutions – to protect your roof.
    • Certified Installation of Key Components of Your Kitchen Exhaust System Required by NFPA 96 – to ensure your safety.

ACE is truly committed making your life a little easier by offering you, the one who knows your business the best, a variety of packaged solutions that give you choices about which services are most important to your business.

And these industry leading packages deliver more value than any other company in the industry, which will let you rest easy knowing you are saving on both your precious time and the all important bottom line. 


You can expect that a friendly, well groomed, professional, certified and uniformed technician will arrive at your location at the time you requested.


You can expect to receive picture proof of all areas of your system, and let’s be honest, that you simply don’t have the time to check yourself. The truth is, you have much more important things to do and you can count on us to do the job right, every time, and you can see it with your own eyes.


You can expect to receive a detailed 23 Point Post Service Inspection report that details every area that was cleaned and brings to your attention any areas of your system that aren’t compliant with NPFA #96 Code.


You can expect to come back into your kitchen in the morning and find it noticeably cleaner than when you left it last night. Enough being frustrated with other “professionals” who leave a bigger mess and a bigger headache for you. With ACE, you’ll be greeted in the morning with a freshly mopped floor, freshly wiped down kitchen equipment and a freshly cleaned and polished hood.


You can expect a courtesy follow up call after your service, just to make sure that you absolutely loved everything about doing business with us. Because other companies say it, but we actually prove it when we say that we truly value your business and we are determined to work harder than any other company to keep it.